A New Leader for Your Voice


Placer County Republican Party

Full endorsement of the entire L.I.F.T. Group of Lincoln

Lincoln Mayor Stan and Mary Nader

Lincoln Professional Firefighters Association

Donna Hodgson - Retired, Executive Vice President

Gary Leonard - Retired Law Enforcement

Lena Labosky - Resident, Lincoln Hills, Retired California Highway Patrol Personnel Supervisor

Michelle Keller - Social Worker

Phyllis Wing - Retired Business Owner

Jim Datzman - Retired Law Enforcement,  Lincoln Parks & Recreation Committee Member

Rich Silvas - Real Estate Agent, Lifelong Lincoln Resident

Jack Allendale - 49 Year Lincoln Clay-Gladding McBean Employee, Lifelong Lincoln Resident

Dr. Stephen Leamon - Lincoln Chiropractic

Tracy Holt, 20 Year+ Lincoln Resident

Laura Nielsen - 14+ Year Lincoln Resident, Volunteer, Homemaker, Property Mgmt. Secretary

Joe Hobbs, PA - Lincoln Family Practice Associates and United States Air Force

David Stanley - Semi-Retired Corporate Attorney, Verdera HOA Board Member, LIFT Member

Cindy Lou - Retired Flight Attendant

Jessica Booth - Retired Healthcare Administrator, LIFT Co-Founder

Carol Havens, MD - Medical Doctor / Family Physician, Lincoln Resident

Shawn and Dana White - Lincoln Business Owner, Astro Air Design , Lifelong Lincoln Residents

Mandy Walker Miller - Retired from the City of Lincoln / Lifelong Lincoln Resident

Mary Smith - Retired Chief Nursing/Patient Care Executive, Resident, Lincoln Hills

Virginia Haradon - Sixteen Year Lincoln Hills Resident

Karen Moon - Lincoln Resident

Janet Thompson - Resident, Lincoln Hills

Richard B. Meister, M.D., Ophthalmologist/Eye Physician & Surgeon, Lincoln Resident

Lew Forrest - Military Veteran, Realtor and Placer Stand Down Representative

Tony Manning - LIFT Member, Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Lincoln Resident
Al Roten - 18 Year Resident, Lincoln Hills, Former Economic Development Committee

Jean Altman - Lincoln Resident, Business Consultant, Retired Publications Relation Director

Ted Jones - LIFT Member, Business Owner and Lincoln Resident

Chuck Schmidt - LIFT Member, Retired Law Enforcement and Business Owner, Lincoln 


Therese Adams, Esq. - Attorney at Law, 22 year Lincoln Resident

Chris Landon - Lincoln High School Teacher

Shanti Landon - Assistant to Placer County Supervisor Robert Weygandt

Shamus McClure - Business Owner and Lincoln Resident

John Griffin - Retired Firefighter and Lincoln Resident




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