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Vote Holly for Lincoln City Council.



I'm committed to transparency and accountability when it comes to fiscal responsibility. Decisions will be made and executed with honesty and integrity. The city's General Plan 2050 needs to be looked at carefully to ensure that proposed developments are in the best interest of the city and will pay for themselves.  I believe that we need to "live within our means."  I believe we can still do that and move into the future with positive expectations. 


There are many housing developments, or Villages, that are slated to be built and some have already been started.  I am not totally opposed to develpment and responsible growth, however, I am passionate about preserving as much of our rural, hometown atmosphere as we can.  I don't want to see every square inch of Lincoln covered in concrete and asphalt.  I believe the citizens of this city value our heritage and the "country" of Lincoln.  I suspect I'm not the only one who feels this way.  And if elected, I'll fight to keep us from becoming something we are not.



One of my top priorities is making sure we have adequate police and fire protection.  We have challenges before us, but I'm committed to working with our police and fire departments and city staff with budgeting to keep our community safe. We need to look at community efforts to reduce crime and promote safety, as well as law enforcement and fire fighting staffing. It's something that we need to work on together.



It's a priority to create a business friendly town.  Prosperous businesses create jobs and make great partners for community projects and a sense of family.  We have many shops and restaurants that make Lincoln great and I'll work to keep it that way.


If elected, I'm committed to making sure the city follows through on park projects that have been started and to investigate ways to finish those projects that may be stalled.  Currently, there are efforts being made to repair older roads and rusted pipes.  It's important to me that we continue that endeavor.  I want to see the older portion of Lincoln be given the attention it deserves, as well as continued prioritized maintenance of the whole city. 



I would like to see the city, local businesses, our schools, and non-profit organizations of Lincoln partner together more to help families be successful and strong.  When families are strong and healthy, the whole community is better!

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